Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monthly Musing: In Defence of Men...

When I was in high school - I think it was year 10 PD/H/PE - I commented on the great new nose ring one of my classmates, Rachel, had got.

I was trying to be nice but failed.

You see, Rachel hadn't got a nose piercing. What I'd mistaken for a ring, was actually a zit that had dried up and she had tried to - poorly - cover it with makeup. 

I've been scratching my head trying to think of a more embarrassing faux pas and the only thing I can think of is asking a female "when she's due?"... when she's not actually expecting at all.

I catch a bus to work on a daily basis and often depending on the time of arrival, I need to stand. In this day of our ever expanding waistlines and where all men and women are not created equal, I for one forgive the men that don't immediately stand up for a female who may, or may not, be pregnant. 

Currently sitting pretty at the 17 week mark of my pregnancy, my girlfriend said it best when she told me I "look like I've had a big lunch" rather than pregnant.

This is the reason I wanted to write this post... in defence of men, because I've had to ask - on more than one occasion - "I know I look fat, but I'm actually pregnant, would you mind standing up please?" in order to get a seat.

Their eyes dart (non-perversely) from one female belly to another, the question in their eyes... 

Is she or isn't she? Do I offer my seat? 

What's the right thing to do here?  

Think about it. Would you rather be caught committing the ultimate faux pas, embarrassing yourself and said female on a bus load of people you will most likely see again, or would you rather just be labelled a rude so-and-so for not standing up without being prompted?

It's not just men either. Women do it but I feel there's less of an expectation for them to get up. 

So let's go a bit easy on fellow commuters and be a little more assertive in asking for a seat. If they don't get up after you've asked, then you can mutter sweet insulting nothings under your breath but until you've given them a chance to fail, let's play nice.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Absences Explained...

The last couple of months have been hectic. Between living out of a suitcase due to work travel, preparing our home for sale, my course having started and wanting to be a good mum and wife, there's been little time for anything else including keeping the blog updated.

Don't get me wrong, I like having a full plate but sometimes the Universe makes it impossible to ignore the signs. For the better part of the last few months, it's forced me to listen and put the brakes on. 

Just after I enrolled in my course, I was finding myself coming home from work wanting nothing more than to crawl into bed. I'm lucky in that my husband is extremely supportive so there were nights where I did that exact thing - hello Nanna - but not wanting to miss out on any more time with my son, I'd also push myself to be present and part of his dinner, bath and bed time routine before I crashed.

I'm lucky though, my exhaustion wasn't a result of an illness, but growth.

Growth of the next member of our little family and sibling for my little man. This, dear reader, is why the blog has been going unloved for such a long period of time. I have not been able to keep my eyes open long enough to turn my laptop on, let alone write a post. And if that's the only negative, then it's a very small price to pay.

There's been lots going on behind the scenes though. Plenty of new beauty products, kitchen tools and recipes have been tried, tested and where possible perfected so stay tuned. The blog will also be getting a facelift as I've been playing around with new looks and although it's on pause for the moment, I'm hoping in the New Year I'll be able to get this project off the ground.

So bear with me (and my bump) and in the meantime, leave a comment below and tell me what you'd like to see more of on the BOLD and the BLUNT. 

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